Another Sunday, another pizza night

Sunday night pizza

We won’t begrudge anyone a good pizza, even if it is not homemade. We just think that, since it’s so easy to make your own at home, that it should be a skill in your skill set.

No reason to feel intimidated! With just crust alone, it’s so easy to work off your frustrations, and test some good local ingredients, like flour, cheese and sauce.

By the time you’re eating that hot, flavorful pie, you will be much more relaxed and ready to go out and slay dragons once more…

A complete purist or obsessive would make and can their own sauce! I have done that, but never got as good a product as my favorite, Pastorelli, which can be hard to find if you’re far from Chicago.

While many frozen pizzas and box mixes are available, books like American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza, by Peter Reinhart, help home cooks take their pizza to new levels of culinary expression and delight.

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