Homemade Sausage Pizza Revisited

Pizza with saussage

I revisit my favorite sausage pizza often. I never was much for a meat lovers pizza, until I discovered this locally made pizza sausage.

My friends are probably tired of me raving about my favorite pizza sausage from Hollywood Markets, a local chain of seven supermarkets.

You won’t find this exact product outside suburban Detroit. It’s made in the back at the butcher counter at my local store. I have my eye out for some other products or alternatives that might be available to friends in other parts of the country, and I’ll report on those when I find them.

This sausage is a bit more savory than the Sweet Italian, and not overtly fiery like the Hot Italian Sausage. It’s savory with the right spice blend for pizza. I say oregano, garlic, salt and black pepper, and a bit of red pepper flake. There are probably a few more secret ingredients.

Baked pizza sausageI’ve tried both frying the pizza sausage to cook it ahead (after taking it out of the casings) and baking the sausage for my pizza in the casings. Either way, the sausage meat ends up in pieces to be sprinkled on the pizza after the sauce, Parmesan cheese and mushrooms, and before the mozzarella cheese.

My favorite is frying. I like the crispy edges. Browning brings out more flavor in the sausage. But baking it often very convenient. Just put a few links in the oven, go off and do other things, and come back when they’re done. Over time, I’ve decided that baking the sausage for about an hour at 375 is optimal.

This sausage has turned me into even more of a pizza lover than I was before. Easy homemade pizza, very satisfying and handy to make regularly.