Running Home to Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza With Sausage

Went out with a friend for pizza at a local establishment. This is a fine place for conversation and the pizza is highly rated.

It was very good, but seemed a bit greasy, especially considering it had no meat, only cheese and mushrooms.

Next night, made my own!

I must be spoiled.  When I make my own, I know what’s in the crust: flour, yeast, salt, water and a bit of oil. And you can leave out the oil.

As for my favorite sauce, Pastorelli, corn syrup is noticeably absent from the list on the label.

And there’s no pizza hotter or fresher than the one I pull out of my own oven.

Maybe we’ll go out for pizza again sometime. Or maybe I should have company and make enough for both of us!

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