Homemade Pizza Rules

Your own homemade pizza can beat the pants off anybody’s. IMO.

Saw Hoda and Kathie Lee tasting Naked Pizza on the Today Show this past week.

It didn’t look naked to me. It looked pretty good, with a crust that looked whole grain and some good toppings. Best I could tell from TV.

But they’d just had some wine, which they were excited about.  Apparently it was aged in stainless barrels. So the pizza was not getting their full attention.

I understand convenience. Well-made homemade pizza can be just as convenient. The notion of “naked” pizza, as in “just plain pizza” appeals to me. I just put it through the lens of “homemade.”

Homemade pizza that rules them all

  • Make your crust with the balance of whole grains and flours that suit your taste
  • Select your toppings the same way: massive mushrooms or sausage sensation, or…
  • Bake it round, square or any other shape
  • Serve it HOT from the oven, no transport delays

Homemade pizza: well topped and always tasty!

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