homemade pizza baked in your own oven

Did You Search For Pizza This Weekend?

homemade pizza baked in your own ovenI just heard that lots of people searched online for pizza this past weekend? Were you one of them?

No need to wait for your pizza order to be delivered, or to go out into the dark or bad weather to get your favorite hot and tasty pizza, when you make your own at home!

Just a few simple steps in preparation, and you can be pizza-ready at your place:

Flour and yeast for the crust. A good bread flour keeps well in an air-tight plastic container. I keep it in my cupboard. I keep my extra whole wheat flour in the fridge, and it’s in an extra large zip bag.

Same with the yeast. I keep my big supply in a plastic container in the freezer, and a smaller snap container in the fridge where I can get to it easily.

Olive oil. We always have a bottle in the cupboard, because we use it for cooking many different dishes.

Pizza sauce. I love my favorite brand, [popup_product]Pastorelli[/popup_product], and I keep several cans around at all times.

Cheese and mushrooms. If I have fresh mushrooms, I’ll put them on pizza, but it’s so much easier to keep canned ones around. The big can, please. The convenience makes that an easy choice most times.

Mozzarella and Parmesan are in the fridge. The fresh mozzarella cheese does have a shorter life span, but you can freeze it if necessary. We have pizza often enough that cheese does not go to waste around here.

ball of dough for pizza crustThose are the main components. It’s that easy! Basic pizza from your own kitchen.

For a pizza with more toppings, get your other favorites when you shop for groceries, and you’ll be ready to add them to your pizza, too.

Just make your dough an hour ahead, or longer if you need to. Slow down the rising by putting your bowl of pizza crust to be in the fridge. (Lightly oil the dough ball, and cover the bowl with plastic.)

A good, hot pizza is as close as your own kitchen, and ready to eat, straight from the oven, make your own at home!

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2 thoughts on “Did You Search For Pizza This Weekend?

  1. I am in love with Pastorelli pizza sauce. I honestly could eat it out of the can with a spoon. However, it is very expensive, so I am looking for a “copycat” homemade version! If you know of a good recipe please post it!

  2. Hello Nichole!
    I’ll certainly keep an eye out for recipes.
    What I did is…find the best source I could. I save just over 50% by checking around and finding my best local source, and watching for sales. (But if I’m out, I can splurge on a small quantity, because I gotta have it.)
    I have hauled Pastorelli sauce by the dozen across state lines to make sure I always have some on hand!
    I also know of one instance where I talked to a local store, and they started carrying it.
    If you want to experiment with your own version, I’d start with Pecorino Romano cheese. That, and the other quality ingredients and spices… And they’ve left out corn syrup and unpronounceable things.
    On my short list of brand loyalty items, this one is at the top.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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